Chains of Change, the felons guide to freedom

by James Wieland

*The updated version of this book can be found at Getting Out: success after incarceration.

Estimates put the total felon population, those in and out of prison, at roughly 20 million. A felony conviction restricts a person’s ability to find decent housing, secure employment and a beneficial social standing. Along with these restrictions is the increased chance of re-offending due to the lack of resources available to offer felons help. Chains of Change is dedicated to providing the general path of success many people have taken in order to improve their lives. It is written from the perspective of a convicted felon, James Wieland to offer help for other convicted felons and their friends and family. This guide focuses on simple and straightforward advice to help felons get back on their feet and deal with the public sigma of “criminal.”

Nomad Books, 2016
# of Pages: 124

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