Karenzukai Karate Association Portfolio Project James Wieland Front End Dev

Karenzukai Karate Association

American martial arts association based on Okinawan style Okuno-ryu and founded by Dr. Bernard Collins. A small website done pro bono on WordPress.com with ads. Fascinating organization with a deep history in both American and Okinawan traditions.

How I Can Help You?

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Front-End Developer with a focus in layout and graphic design. Full understanding of HTML5, CSS3 with an interest in growing JavaScript and React.js skills.

Published Author and entrepreneur who grew up all over the United States working in the fields of website design, SEO, digital marketing, copy writing, and business strategy.

James is a graduate from Grand Canyon University in Arizona with a BS in Business Marketing. He holds certificates in Front End Development, HTML, and CS3 from the University of Michigan. He resides in Queen Creek, AZ with his loving wife and two children.

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