Getting Out: Success After Incarceration

by James Wieland

Having difficulty finding a job as a felon? Learn how to prepare your resume for any hiring manager. Trying to find a felon-friendly living arrangement? Discover the tools to getting a roof over your head as soon as possible.

Being a felon or anyone with a criminal conviction in today’s world isn’t easy. With public records being widely available online, it feels like anyone can do a routine web search to find the details of your mistakes. How do you rebuild your life if people won’t give you a chance?

James Wieland is a successful author and a convicted felon. He uses his own experience and understanding of how the world treats people with criminal convictions in his book Getting Out: success after incarceration. This landmark guide strives to help those with rough pasts find work, housing, education, help, and motivation to turn their lives around.

Unlock your second chance by picking up Wieland’s easy-to-follow guide today.

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