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Take that side-hustle to the next level and learn everything you need to know about creating a successful Fiverr seller’s account. You’ll discover the tips and tricks to a 6-figure freelancing business you can run from anywhere in the world!

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Hope is the most powerful of motivations. We build bridges with the hope of reaching new destinations. We endure severe embarrassments in the hope of attracting love. We stretch our hands out hoping to feel the embrace of those we need in times of struggle. We are impressive because we are capable of hope and our humanity acts as the perfect canvas for such a powerful force to effect change.

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Writing is the key to freedom. The safe space to explore anything you want.

James Wieland was born in Chico, California, but grew up all over the United States. He spent years working as a web designer, and freelance copywriter specializing in technology, digital marketing, and creative writing. He is trained as a Front-end Website Developer from the University of Michigan and received a B.S. in Business Marketing from Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

James currently resides in Waldoboro, Maine with his loving wife and two children where he is currently working on new business developments and books.

James Wieland

Author, Poet & Freelance Copywriter

Getting Out

success after incarceration

Being anyone with a criminal conviction in today’s world isn’t easy.  How do you rebuild your life if people won’t give you a chance? This landmark guide strives to help those with felony or misdemeanor convictions find work, housing, education, help, and motivation to turn their lives around.

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