About the Author

James Wieland was born in Chico, CA in the United States. He is an author, entrepreneur, and poet who grew up all over the United States taking odd jobs in many various fields. He eventually was trained as a marketer and front end website developer. He started college at the University of Maine and finished a B.S. in Business Marketing from Grand Canyon University in Arizona. He has completed certificate programs in numerous scripting and technology programs including the University of Michigan.

He is presently working on new material in children’s books, fantasy, mystery, non-fiction, and historical fiction. There will be a third edition of Getting Out: Success After Incarceration coming soon.

James lives in Queen Creek, Arizona with his loving wife and two young children. If not behind his computer, you can find him reading, in a dojo, at a movie, or sequestered in a local hideaway with pen and paper.

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