boosting your earnings as a fiverr freelancer by james wieland

From Zero to Hero

Boosting Your Earnings as a Fiverr Freelancer

Are you looking to break free from your 9-5 desk job and start a lucrative career as a freelancer on Fiverr? This is the ultimate guidebook to help you achieve financial freedom and work from anywhere in the world. In this powerful eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a compelling Fiverr profile that attracts more buyers.
  • Stand out from the competition so you get noticed.
  • Increase your sales to grow your income from $10 per gig to $100K/year.

success after incarceration

Being anyone with a criminal conviction in today’s world isn’t easy.  How do you rebuild your life if people won’t give you a chance? This landmark guide strives to help those with felony or misdemeanor convictions find work, housing, education, help, and motivation to turn their lives around. [learn more]

collected poems vol. 2

From Thorns is the sophomore volume of collected poems by American author James Wieland. It is the follow up to I Know Where Monkeys Sleep. The poems are divided into five parts exploring the memories of youth and the reality of trying to live in a volatile time in the United States. The parts are Life, Society, Sex, Death, and Hope. Wieland takes an unapologetic look at what life means through the lenses of a child, teen, father, and a man. [learn more]

collected poems vol. 1

This is a journey through the misplaced memories of a young American man trying to find his way in the world. Discovering that for all the challenges circumstance may throw at each of us, there is still great beauty in life. An example that no matter how bad, or hurtful things may seem, there is always room to dare to hope. I Know Where Monkeys Sleep is the first collection of poetry from the author James Wieland and contains themes of love, lust, death, and the harsh realities of human nature. [learn more]

the felons guide to freedom

Estimates put the total felon population, those in and out of prison, at roughly 20 million. A felony conviction restricts a person’s ability to find decent housing, secure employment and a beneficial social standing. Along with these restrictions is the increased chance of re-offending due to the lack of resources available to offer felons help. Chains of Change is dedicated to providing the general path of success many people have taken in order to improve their lives. It is written from the perspective of a convicted felon, James Wieland, to offer help for other convicted felons and their friends and family. This guide focuses on simple and straightforward advice to help felons get back on their feet and deal with the public stigma of “criminal.” [learn more]

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